2019 Brewers

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 These guys clearly sit amongst the best, being a two time award winner at the Australian International Beer Awards. We can't wait to see their set up for the promises to be beyond cool! Check them out at

Other brewers

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Australia’s first female owned brewing company, this award-winning brewery typifies everything that is good about the craft beer industry in Australia. See more about their story at

Holgate Brewhouse is located in the beautiful country township of Woodend, Victoria, Australia. We have been brewing beer since 1999 and today, remain a family owned, 100% independent business.


Click here for the entire Holgate story.


Get yourself down to Holgate Brewhouse for a beer, meal and a few nights stay. 


At Akasha they live and breathe beer and are passionate about making it. It's no secret they love their hops, and you'll find a shed load of them in almost every beer they brew. They are also fiercely independent at Akasha which means they don't skimp on quality ingredients, sourced from around the world - ensuring the tastiest, most exciting beers. Find out more at


Hop Nation started out as a pipe dream and, like most pipe dreams, testing the waters with a little savings while hanging onto the day jobs was the first goal.  A ton of research, pilot brews and trips to the bank later – we set up the company, came up with a brand and label concept with some friends, put down our first IPA brew and released THE FIEND back in May of 2015. Fast forward to today the brewery in Footscray was recently voted in the top 10 independent brewers in Australia. Find out more at


Why would a pilot and a couple of aerospace engineers start a brewing company? Like aviation, brewing is heavily regulated, and the wafer thin margins mean there's bugger all money to be made.


We make beer for the same reason we get up at 3am to work with aeroplanes - we love it!


Do what you love.



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Jetty Road Brewery
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