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Please drink responsibly, Beers are not recommended to be consumed in a single session

Splice of Heaven


A beer that's all about pineapple, creamy vanilla and lime - and that's the bottom lime - that makes us feel like there's a warm Moon Dog shining over our collective horizon. It's most certainly a splice of heaven.

Rice Rice Baby

Rice Ale

Brewed with fresh ginger and enough herbs to put a spring in your step - lemongrass, Vietnamese mint and Thai basil, this Rice Ale is a zingy refresher for days in the 'sunshine'. Perfect pairing with any spicy food! Hops: Motueka & Sorachi Ace. 5.1% ABV

Total Eclipse of the Hop


A Single hop XPA celebrating the brand new Eclipse hop from Aussie growers HPA. This pale and hazy XPA bursts with pine, mandarin and notes of fresh citrus peel. (5.5% ABV / 45 IBU)

Fool Sour


Reminiscent of the famous dessert, both sweet and creamy with a hint of vanilla. Fermented with raspberries and with the addition of lactose it's refreshing and flavoursome with a sour kick.

Melbourne Fog

Hazy Pale

Featuring fruity notes from Nelson Sauvin, Loral and Mosaic hops, it gets its full haze dose thanks to 50% oat malt. It’s everything you love about a NEIPA with full flavour and body, but at only 4.8% ABV. A sessionable, easy-drinking, hazy hoppy pale.

Nitro Rasberry Sour


This creamy, fruity twist on a traditional German-style tart wheat beer is jam packed with juicy raspberries and a good dose of nitro. Pucker up!

Gibbs St


This limited edition Smash is a creamy, fruity twist on a traditional German style tart wheat beer. It's packed with raspberries so juicy you'll feel like you just picked them off the vine.



Aroma & Flavour: Tropical, pineapple, orange zest hop characteristics with a bready, grainy, slight biscuit malt profile and apple-like esters in both aroma and flavour. Medium hop bitterness that helps the beer to finish dry and slightly sharp, with no lingering sweetness. Clean finish.
Appearance: Bright in clarity with a slight haze. Straw gold color and presents beautifully.
Mouthfeel: Medium light bodied with a pleasant hop astringency.



We’ve packed this one full of Trident, Motueka, Taiheke and Nectaron hops, making this brew fresh on the nose with punchy tropical notes.

Juicy Banger


Juicy Banger IPL is Blackman’s first Limited release beer to get a permanent spot in the core range. Originally brewed as part of Blackman’s “Lager Collective” in March 2016 and launched at the Good Beer Week Gala Showcase. Juicy Banger brings what we love from IPA and lager and smashes it into one delicious hoppy, yet dry and refreshing, single malt base.



The aromas of this beer are dominated by ripe guava, mango, rockmelon, citrus oil and piney hop characters with some intriguing wheat and bready notes all enveloped in an oat-cream body. Ripe tropical hop flavours and some piney, resinous and dank base notes burst through the luscious, soft, full mouth coating body. Medium bitterness.

Mandarin Sour


The zing of mandarin and the sweetness from fresh
apricots cut through this light and refreshing kettle
sour creating a delicious gulp every time!

Modus XPA